1: Cregan Stark, a fierce warrior and loyal ally, joins the battle for the Iron Throne in House of the Dragon season 2.

2: As the head of House Stark, Cregan is determined to protect his family and secure their place in the realm.

3: Known for his strategic mind and unwavering principles, Cregan proves to be a formidable opponent in the game of thrones.

4: Despite facing many challenges and betrayals, Cregan remains steadfast in his quest for justice and honor.

5: With his sword in hand and his wolf by his side, Cregan fights bravely to defend his house and his people.

6: As tensions rise and alliances shift, Cregan must navigate the treacherous waters of Westeros to ensure his family's survival.

7: With the fate of the Seven Kingdoms hanging in the balance, Cregan must make difficult choices that will shape the future of the realm.

8: Will Cregan Stark emerge victorious in the battle for the Iron Throne, or will he be consumed by the flames of war?

9: Find out what fate has in store for Cregan Stark in House of the Dragon season 2, streaming now on HBO.