1: Will Sean Murray Leave NCIS? Fans are speculating about the future of the show after his 21-season run.

2: Murray's character, Special Agent Timothy McGee, has been a fan favorite since the beginning.

3: His uncertain future has left viewers wondering how the show will continue without him.

4: NCIS has faced cast changes before, but losing Murray would be a significant blow to the long-running series.

5: The actor has not confirmed his departure, leaving fans in suspense about the fate of their beloved character.

6: As the show prepares for its 22nd season, the uncertainty surrounding Murray's future adds an extra layer of intrigue.

7: NCIS has a loyal fan base that will undoubtedly be impacted by any changes to the cast.

8: Whether Sean Murray stays or goes, the show's legacy will remain strong after its historic 21-season run.

9: Only time will tell what the future holds for NCIS and its beloved characters.