1: 1. The resplendent quetzal, found in Central America, is a striking green bird with a long tail.

2: 2. The emerald toucanet boasts vibrant green feathers and a unique bill in South America.

3: 3. The green broadbill in Southeast Asia stands out with its bright emerald plumage.

4: 4. The stunning green magpie from the Himalayas is known for its flashy green and blue colors.

5: 5. The green parakeet, native to Mexico, displays a charming blend of green and yellow hues.

6: 6. The green jay in Central and South America shines with its emerald green and black feathers.

7: 7. The green honeycreeper, inhabiting Central and South America, is a dazzling sight with its green and blue shades.

8: 8. The golden-headed quetzal in South America is a majestic green bird with a golden crown.

9: 9. The Australian king parrot is a vibrant green bird with red accents, found in Australia's forests.