1: Simone Biles, gymnastics superstar, enjoys a night out at the Lakers game with her husband, Jonathan Owens.

2: The couple looks stylish as they take in the action from their courtside seats at the Staples Center.

3: Simone and Jonathan share a laugh as they watch the Lakers face off against their opponents.

4: Fans are excited to see the Olympic champion supporting her favorite basketball team in person.

5: Simone's dazzling smile lights up the arena as she cheers on the Lakers to victory.

6: Jonathan proudly stands by his wife's side, showing his support for her both on and off the mat.

7: The power couple's love and admiration for each other is evident in every glance and gesture.

8: Simone and Jonathan's night out at the Lakers game is a special moment for the couple to enjoy together.

9: The pair's bond is undeniable as they bask in the excitement of the game and each other's company.