1: Family road trips are fun for kids! Make sure to pack snacks, games, and a tablet for entertainment.

2: Kids also need comfortable clothes, blankets, and pillows for naps during the long drive.

3: Don't forget their favorite toys or books to keep them entertained and happy throughout the trip.

4: Safety first! Make sure to have a first aid kit and any necessary medications for your children.

5: Keep them hydrated with plenty of water and juice boxes throughout the journey.

6: Plan regular stops for bathroom breaks, stretching, and to let your kids run around and burn off energy.

7: Include sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen to protect your kids from the sun during pit stops.

8: Bring a portable potty for emergencies, as well as wet wipes and garbage bags for messes.

9: Have a designated trash bag and encourage your kids to keep the car clean during the road trip.


8 Things Kids Need for a Family Road Trip