1: "Tip 1: Focus on strength training to build muscle mass. Lift weights to see results."

2: "Tip 2: Eat enough protein every day to support muscle growth. Include sources like chicken, eggs, and beans."

3: "Tip 3: Get enough rest and sleep to allow your muscles to recover and grow stronger."

4: "Tip 4: Stay hydrated to support your muscle function and overall performance."

5: "Tip 5: Incorporate compound exercises like squats and deadlifts into your workout routine."

6: "Tip 6: Monitor your progress and adjust your workouts and diet as needed to continue seeing gains."

7: "Follow these tips consistently to see results and increase your lean muscle mass."

8: "Combine these tips with a balanced diet and adequate hydration for optimal muscle growth."

9: "Consult a fitness professional for personalized advice and guidance on building lean muscle mass."