1: 1. Decorate the Christmas tree with loved ones. 2. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies. 3. Watch classic holiday movies by the fireplace.

2: 4. Write letters to Santa Claus. 5. Drive around to see Christmas lights. 6. Attend a local holiday concert or play.

3: 7. Host a festive holiday party. 8. Volunteer at a local charity. 9. Make DIY Christmas ornaments.

4: 10. Go ice skating with friends. 11. Build a snowman in the backyard. 12. Have a hot cocoa bar with all the fixings.

5: 13. Go sledding down a snowy hill. 14. Visit a Christmas tree farm to cut your own tree. 15. Donate toys to children in need.

6: 16. Attend a holiday market or craft fair. 17. Have a Christmas movie marathon. 18. Make a gingerbread house from scratch.

7: 19. Go on a horse-drawn sleigh ride. 20. Host a Secret Santa gift exchange. 21. Attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service.

8: 22. Have a festive photoshoot with family. 23. Make homemade holiday gifts. 24. Sing Christmas carols around the neighborhood.

9: 25. Have a family game night with holiday-themed games. 26. Visit Santa at the mall. 27. Make a holiday scrapbook to remember the season.