1: Master the art of perfectly crispy roasted potatoes with these foolproof tricks.

2: Preheat your baking sheet and toss potatoes in olive oil for extra crispiness.

3: Don't overcrowd the pan – give each potato room to breathe for optimal crispiness.

4: Flip halfway through cooking for evenly crispy potatoes on all sides.

5: Add a sprinkle of cornstarch to your seasoning mix for an extra crispy crust.

6: Use a wire rack on top of your baking sheet for air circulation and even cooking.

7: Experiment with different potato varieties for unique textures and flavors.

8: Consider parboiling potatoes before roasting for a head start on crispiness.

9: Follow these hacks to achieve perfectly crispy roasted potatoes every time – your tastebuds will thank you.