1: 1. Use washi tape to decorate plain items. 2. Create custom stickers with contact paper. 3. Speed up painting with a hairdryer.

2: 4. Easily thread a needle with hairspray. 5. Make a DIY pom-pom maker from cardboard. 6. Use paperclips to hold beads in place.

3: 7. Turn a muffin tin into a paint palette. 8. Use a fork to make perfect pompoms. 9. Use nail polish to decorate old keys.

4: 10. Use ice cube trays to organize small items. 11. Create a washi tape phone case. 12. Use a candle to smooth out ribbon ends.

5: 13. Make a pom-pom rug with a hula hoop. 14. Turn old CDs into coasters with washi tape. 15. Repurpose old magazines as gift wrap.

6: 16. Use a comb to create textured paint effects. 17. Create a DIY bracelet with safety pins. 18. Organize ribbon spools with a paper towel holder.

7: 19. Use toothpicks to apply glue precisely. 20. Paint with bubble wrap for a unique effect. 21. Use a hand mixer to fluff up yarn.

8: 22. Use a potato masher to create stamped designs. 23. Create a DIY spray bottle from an old one. 24. Use a fork to create perfect bows.

9: 25. Use a toothbrush to create splatter paint. 26. Use buttons as stamps for fabric projects. 27. Use a rubber band to create patterns while painting.