1: 10Min Abs Workout for Busy Girls Get ready to kick start your day with this quick and effective ab workout that fits into your busy schedule.

2: Plank it Out Engage your core with plank variations for a stronger midsection in just 10 minutes.

3: Leg Raise Heaven Target your lower abs with leg raises to sculpt your waistline quickly.

4: Crunch Time Traditional crunches are a classic way to tighten your tummy in no time.

5: Russian Twists Get rid of love handles with twisting movements that work your obliques.

6: Bicycle Crunches Burn belly fat with bicycle crunches for a complete ab workout.

7: Mountain Climbers Incorporate mountain climbers for a cardio boost and core activation.

8: Flutter Kicks Tone your lower abs with flutter kicks for a flatter stomach.

9: Cool Down Finish your workout with stretches to prevent injury and improve flexibility. Kick start your day with this effective 10-minute ab routine!