1: Schnitzel - Enjoy a crispy and tender breaded pork cutlet for a satisfying lunch option.

2: Currywurst - Indulge in a traditional German sausage smothered in a flavorful curry sauce.

3: Bratwurst - Sink your teeth into a juicy grilled sausage served with mustard and sauerkraut.

4: Spaetzle - Try the comforting German egg noodles tossed in butter and herbs for a hearty meal.

5: Kartoffelsalat - Delight in a refreshing potato salad that pairs perfectly with any main dish.

6: Rouladen - Savor thinly sliced beef rolled with mustard, bacon, and pickles for a savory treat.

7: Koenigsberger Klopse - Experience tender meatballs in a tangy caper sauce over buttered noodles.

8: Erbsensuppe - Warm up with a flavorful pea soup topped with crispy bacon bits for a light lunch.

9: Labskaus - Dive into a unique dish of corned beef, potatoes, and beets topped with a fried egg.