1: 1. Classic white tips are timeless. 2. Try colorful tips for a fun twist.

2: 3. Add a touch of glitter for glamour. 4. Experiment with different nail shapes.

3: 5. Create ombre or gradient effects. 6. Play with negative space designs.

4: 7. Incorporate metallic accents for a modern look. 8. Mix and match different colors and patterns.

5: 9. Layer multiple shades for a unique vibe. 10. Go for a minimalist French tip.

6: 11. Try geometric shapes for a contemporary feel. 12. Add floral or abstract designs.

7: 13. Use nail art stickers or decals. 14. Opt for a matte finish for a trendy edge.

8: 15. Experiment with reverse French manicures. 16. Add a pop of neon for a bold statement.

9: 17. Embrace negative space with a modern twist. 18. Consider adding rhinestones or beads for extra sparkle.